Wood Industries

Vacuum grippers for lifting timber, lumber & wood

Vacuum grippers are ideal for wood products such as rough timber planks, pallets, finished furniture parts, boards and panels. Widely used in the timber industry in Denmark, the irregular nature of timber planks are lifted easily by the vacuumgripper. Differing surface textures and dimensions are accommodated by the soft but durable foam rubber gripper plate. The VUSS valve system automatically adjusts for variable spacing of planks, even nested routed components can be lifted in complete layers. Random shapes and changing product designs can all be lifted without changes to the vacuum gripper.


Benefits for the Wood, Timber & Furniature industry

  • Flexible Handling   - Variable surface textures & dimensions can be lifted without expensive tooling changes.
  • Gentle Handling    - Finished products are lifted with no marking or damage.
  • Low Maintenance  - Good reliability & tolerance of wood dust. Proven in the timber industry in Denmark.
  • Light Weight   -  Good for robotic applications due to unique low weight construction.

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