Servicing and Maintaining Vacuum Grippers

When you use vacuum grippers with the VUSS system, your service and maintenance costs will typically be much lower than with other systems. This is realized by our user friendly modular design. Generally your vacuum gripper will operate reliably without intervention but should you have an incident and find your gripper plate clogged with paint, glue or jam....the vacuum gripper can be put back in production quickly and easily by your own operatives.

Replacing Valves is Easy! 

  1. Simply remove the 'Screw on Plate' 
  2. Remove the valves in seconds using the special tool, clean or replace.
  3. Refit the Screw on Plate.

Should you need a service engineer on site, we have a team of experienced vacuum engineers ready to help. For customers who would rather have periodic inspections and servicing we can offer service contracts.

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